Rasheedah Washington
It's an exciting nice training facility for all ages, etc.
Michael Stephens
I would like to amend my previous rating. I was contacted by the gym and am very pleased with our communication. Planning on taking my daughter to the gym for a trial lesson
Nathan Mercado
Guro Juan is bonafide all aspect warrior trainer and adapting and learning what works all the time. Combat changes and so does he. The future of Kali is in great hands with this Guro.
Stephen Ciambrone
I'm and older martial artist, 64 to be exact, that has trained 28 years in multiple disciplines. Combatives Unlimited is one of the few places that I have ever found that teaches a full range of Martial Arts disciplines. Juan is a highly skilled and experienced, cross-discipline Martial Artist with a Special Forces military background. He is an excellent and thoughtful instructor who will teach you the techniques, details, and nuances of whichever Art you choose study with him. He has clearly spent his life thinking through what works and what doesn't work in real world self-defense situations. Truly an exceptional place to train in all aspects of self-defense.
Kip Allen
If you want your kids with goods of self defense Coach Juan kid program is super solid.."
Chris Murray
Knowledgeable, experienced and professional. Not much more you could ask for.